Tips for Finding Affordable 4×4 Insurance in the UK

Tips for Finding Affordable 4×4 Insurance in the UK

Owning a 4×4 in the UK can be expensive, especially when it comes to insurance. Premiums are typically higher than standard cars due to the value of 4x4s and increased risk of accidents. However, there are ways to find more affordable policies if you shop around and optimise your cover.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Insurers

The first step is getting quotes from as many insurers as possible. Premiums can vary dramatically, so check comparison sites like Compare the Market,, MoneySuperMarket and GoCompare. They will match your details to suitable policies across their panel of insurers.

Also try getting direct quotes from insurers like Aviva, LV=, NFU Mutual and Direct Line. Taking the time to get multiple quotes gives you bargaining power to find the most competitive 4×4 insurance rate.

Consider the Value and Model of Your 4×4

More expensive and powerful 4x4s like a Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport will be more costly to insure than cheaper Suzukis, Dacias and other starter 4x4s. The higher the vehicle’s value, the higher the premium.

Opting for an older second-hand 4×4 can mean cheaper insurance than a brand new vehicle. Even different trim levels of the same model can vary in insurance groups and premiums. Always get quotes based on the exact 4×4 you’re looking to insure.

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Analyse Your Usage

Insurers will want to know how you primarily use your 4×4. Do you need it for traversing rough terrain for a job like farming or forestry? Or is it just for personal and family use like school runs and shopping?

You’ll likely pay more if using your 4×4 for business. Also consider your annual estimated mileage as high mileage will push up premiums.

Pick Sufficient Cover

While fully comprehensive cover is usually required for financed 4x4s, you can potentially lower premiums with third party fire and theft insurance on older vehicles you own outright.

Make sure your cover has adequate limits on extras like toolboxes, winches, roof racks and other modifications. Also consider adding breakdown coverage and key cover for extra protection.

Boost Security

Fitting extra security to your 4×4 can potentially put you in a lower insurance group and reduce premiums. Consider installing:

  • Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser
  • Tracking device
  • Locking wheel nuts
  • Extended wheel bolts
  • Locking fuel cap

Securely garaging your 4×4 may also reduce rates. On-street parking tends to cost more, especially in high crime city areas.

Review Driver Experience

Younger and less experienced drivers will pay significantly more for 4×4 insurance. Having held your licence for over 5 years and being over 25 can mean cheaper premiums.

Consider advanced driver training and experience like defensive driving courses. These can demonstrate you are a lower risk and make insurers more likely to offer competitive quotes.

Seek Out Discounts

Many insurers offer discounts that could help reduce your 4×4 premiums:

  • Multi-policy discounts for adding home, life, pet or other insurance
  • Loyalty discounts for renewing with the same provider
  • Club membership discounts e.g. for Caravan Club, National Trust, RAC
  • Annual mileage discounts for lower estimated mileage
  • Occupational discounts for teachers, police, nurses, etc.
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Take advantage of any discounts you may be eligible for to maximise savings on your 4×4 policy. Compare discounts across providers when getting quotes.

With a little research and clever comparison shopping, finding affordable 4×4 insurance is possible. Take the time to get multiple quotes, optimise your cover and capitalise on any available discounts. This will increase your chances of securing a competitive premium.

Some of the 4×4 insurance companies that provide competitive rates and benefits for 4×4 drivers are:

  • Adrian Flux: This company claims to have saved its 4×4 insurance customers an average of 27% in 2021, and offers green-laning and off-roading cover as standard on most policies.
  • Money Expert: This company compares deals from over 100 providers and helps 4×4 drivers find the best policy for their needs.
  • Performance Direct: This company is one of the UK’s leading independent 4×4 insurance specialists and covers all types of 4x4s, including classics, imports, and modified vehicles.